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A Christmas party you won’t forget

We can offer a brilliant festive party for you and your friends which can include food, drinks packages and an after party!

We have a professional team of people who specialise in making your party one to remember for great value. As well as Christmas events we can cater to hens, stags, birthdays, leaving do’s and even big bespoke celebrations.

Here at Walkabout we excel in providing a premium VIP service and party planning.

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Festive food feasts

From 3 course meals to easygoing buffets, our food options an easily be tailored to suit your Christmas party.

For information on any dietary requirements, just speak to a member of the team in the venue.

Don’t forget the Christmas cheer(s)

Choose from our great drinks packages:

Buy 5 get 6th free

on bottles of Jacob Creek wine or Gancia Prosecco

Buy 5 get 6th free

on buckets of Budweiser, Corona, Peroni, Beck’s or Kopparberg

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Choose from Smirnoff Red Label Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, Gordons Gin, Bacardi Carta Blanca, Southern Comfort, Malibu, Archers or Captain Morgan spiced Rum.

All come with your choice of 2PT pitcher of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or Schweppes Lemonade, 5 bottles of tonic or 6 cans of Red Bull.

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Book your christmas party today...

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Our yearly target

Charity & Community

Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is at the core of who we are.

Here at Walkabout, we love to help out where we can. Whether it’s doing run runs, shaving our heads for a good cause or simply donating our tips at the end of a shift!

In light of this, we’ve set ourselves a yearly target to raise £28,000 for charity across all of our venues.

We support a host of local and national charities in any way we can. For us it’s not just about giving money, it’s about getting involved. Our staff love a good cause, and hold regular events, meaning we can get involved close to home.

Here’s a few examples of our efforts:

Operation Bore Hole

Following our very successful Intertain Football Tournament back in June, as a company we raised the £7,895 needed to dig a bore hole in Kpongo/Tuna village in Ghana, Africa.

Charity Football Tournament

The work that was needed was split into two stages; firstly, to drill the ground and find the water source, and secondly install the equipment and power to draw the fresh water. The pump is powered by a generator/electricity and additionally can be hand pumped failing the power source.

Many of the children and those at risk have lost their lives through dirty water diseases, but through this charity operation the provision of fresh, clean water has made a remarkable difference.

But that’s not all. There are so many ways in which having a healthy water supply can change a community for the better, as Father Francis Kulah (from Kpongo in Ghana) outlines in his letter:

  1. 1.“The clean water from this borehole will make us not to fall sick very often.
  2. 2. Our parents will not struggle to boil herbs from plants to treat us because we will no more be drinking dirty water.
  3. 3. We will not have to walk so many miles with buckets on our heads to carry water for the family use.
  4. 4. At least now some parents will allow some of their children attend school because the water source is now very close to them. (For only the rich can afford to send their wards to school)
  5. 5. Some children act as baby nurses; they carry their younger siblings at their back and walk to carry water on their heads. This has reduced the burden a bit”

The fundraising day itself was one of the best in Walkabout history, and no doubt will be repeated in the not-so distant future!

Charity Football Tournament

This June, Walkabout held one of their most successful fundraising events ever- playing in a competitive 5-a- side football tournament! Over 15 venues came down to 6 On Broad Street in Birmingham to battle it out to win a place on the winner’s shield.

Charity Football Tournament

We raised an absolutely bonza £6,558 for the Care for Kids charity, as well as Bone Cancer Research Trust and Operation Water Hole. These charities have been founded for very important causes, and we were honoured to help out how we can.

The funds that we raised have now already been put to use, villagers in the northern part of Ghana (Kpongo) in Africa will in the following weeks have clean fresh water. The Roman Catholic Missionary Priest Farther Francis Kulah when hearing that all the funds had been raised was overwhelmed, he said:

“The joy in me will not even allow me to sleep. It means my people will now have clean water to drink and bath in, and this will save lives. Please pass on all our thanks to everyone involved, God Bless you all. Yours Sincerely Fr. Francis Kulah”

Charity Football Tournament

The day itself was one of the best in Walkabout history, and no doubt will be repeated in the not-so distant future!

Kids Easter Disco

Walkabout Carlisle held a Kids Easter Disco in aid of the Flood Appeal. Tickets were £2 per child and they sold 150 of these. On the day they had a kids themed disco, every child received a hot dog, and they also sold raffle tickets for £3 a strip to raffle off the 80 toys which had been donated by The Tesco Community Group and also the adult gifts which had been donated by other Walkabout Estates. For their entertainment, Batman from Cumbria Superheroes, Princess Rapunzel from Darling Manor, Cat in the Hat and a Storm Trooper came along!

Kids Easter Disco Kids Easter Disco

These are to name but a few, our brilliant teams across the country are ever dedicated to raising money, raising awareness and raising spirits- and we couldn’t be more proud!

  • Charity & Community worker
  • A Waitress
  • A couple on a night out at Walkabout
  • Wheelie bin