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The environment

For us the environment isn't an after thought—it's built into the decisions we make for our business. From the suppliers we choose to work with, to our initiatives to minimise waste, we are always looking at how we can reduce our impact.

Our fish and meat are from sustainable sources; our Barramundi Fish is farmed in Australia and is highly sustainable; our beef is Red Tractor farm assured from the UK; our Kangaroo and Wild Boar meats come from Queensland Australia stamped with the Australian government seal of approval.

We are fully committed to being as energy efficient as possible as a business, which is why we made the decision to employ Energise, a specialist Energy Management company in 2008. Since then we have seen a 33% reduction on electricity, a 24% reduction on gas and we are using 15% less water across all of our sites. This equates to a saving of 9,700 tonnes of CO2 for gas and electricity alone. And we are always working on reducing that further.

We continue to develop our waste recycling practices with allour venues, with all venues partaking in some form of recycling. The highest percentage of waste being recycled by a venue is 85%. Since April 2013, we have introduced a recycling target for all venues of 65%.

It’s not just an operational thing, it’s culturally important: we want our people to care about what we care about. We ask that our employees take their environmental responsibilities seriously, from recycling properly to remembering to switch off taps and lights. Little actions can make a big difference.

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